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Your New Website is Old

So you just launched your brand new website and high fives all around you are finally done, right? Wrong!

So you just launched your brand new website and high fives all around you are finally done, right?



The common misconception is that a redesign or redevelopment means that you are now done with your website build, but in fact, this is only the beginning.


Websites are like cars, as soon as you take them off the showroom floor it loses their value. You need to add mileage to it, it needs to be driven and taken to places so that its value and purpose is fully realised. Leaving a new car in the garage and never taking it out on the road is the same as building a new website and never doing anything with it.


Let's look at some of the key elements that will ensure you are making the most of your website.


Road Map

Having a clear picture of where you are, is key when trying to navigate future obstacles. Mapping out the route beforehand makes it easier to ensure a smoother ride and takes the care of any surprises that may come along the way. Taking the time upfront to map your course and decide which way to go is a vital step to ensuring clarity and direction. 

Map = Website Strategy


Stock Up

How you stock the website for the trip gives you the strategies needed to handle any situation that may happen. Think about your road trip snacks as the elements that make the trip enjoyable, what will you put on your website to make it enjoyable?

Snacks = Content

Food = Media

Fuel = SEO 

Music = Engagement 

Aircon = Accessibility

Destination = Conversion


You can see the parallels to ensuring that the ride is a great experience.



Any new car has a maintenance plan attached to it, you could wonder why a new asset requires maintenance and the same thought applies to a website - “If I just built it why does it need maintenance?" The garage scenario where your car stays in one location all the time means it does not operate at all - the same can be said for a website that has no purpose - if it's just meant as a static brochure then leave it as is. But if you intend to make use of it, then maintaining it is a must. 

Websites operate in a living breathing ecosystem that changes constantly so to ensure there are no bumps along the way - keep it current.


Give Hitchhikers a Lift

There may be occasions when there are stragglers on the road you may want to give a lift to. They may fit your profile and be a good fit for your journey, maybe they sing well and can add ambiance or maybe they tell great stories that make the ride really interesting. The point is that taking on a hitchhiker or two in the context of a website will help you greatly when it means a quality trip is achieved. Depending on the size of your vehicle/website you may need to take more passengers on board to cover your bases.

How do we make this relevant in a website space?

Storytelling HitchHiker = Content Writer

Singing HitchHiker = Filmmaker

Screaming HitchHiker = Paid Media 

Drawing HitchHiker = Designer

Thinking HitchHiker = Analyst

Dirty HitchHiker = Admin


You see that sometimes the journey will be made easier by attracting the right people to go along with you on the website trip. It is still ultimately your website but that does not mean you need to navigate it alone.


Enjoy the Ride

This may be obvious, but having a great trip with your website means taking in every step of the journey. Make the most out of each moment and celebrate the victories along the way. When you reach your destination point - it may be time to trade in your website for a new one but whatever happens, make sure to give it a purpose.

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