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Hall & Hart

UI & Web Development


Our Brief
Swancircle Design & Development Studio was commissioned by Hall & Hart, a prominent property development company, to create a cutting-edge HubSpot website that would align with their new branding and showcase their stunning property portfolio. This case study explores how Swancircle leveraged their expertise in web design and development to successfully execute the project, implementing custom modules and delivering a visually impressive website rebuild.

Client Background

Property Developers
Hall & Hart is a leading property development company renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable design. With an extensive portfolio of luxury residential and commercial projects, Hall & Hart sought to elevate their online presence and engage potential clients through a modern, user-friendly website.

Project Objectives

Swancircle collaborated closely with Hall & Hart to understand their vision, goals, and unique requirements for the website redevelopment. The primary objectives for the project were as follows:

New Branding Integration Swancircle aimed to incorporate Hall & Hart's new branding guidelines seamlessly into the website's design, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user experience.

Cutting-Edge Design The design team at Swancircle envisioned a modern and visually stunning website that would captivate visitors, reflect Hall & Hart's commitment to innovation, and showcase their portfolio in an engaging manner.

HubSpot Implementation Swancircle leveraged HubSpot's powerful CMS capabilities to create a user-friendly and scalable website, enabling Hall & Hart to easily manage and update content, track analytics, and improve lead generation.

Custom Modules: To enhance the website's functionality and provide an exceptional user experience, Swancircle designed and implemented custom modules tailored to Hall & Hart's specific needs, including advanced property search features and interactive project showcases.


Modules we designed

The solve
Swancircle followed a comprehensive design and development process to meet Hall & Hart's objectives effectively: Discovery Phase In-depth discussions and consultations were conducted with Hall & Hart's team to understand their brand identity, target audience, and desired website functionalities. Swancircle also reviewed the new branding guidelines and existing website to identify improvement areas. Conceptualisation & Wire-framing Swancircle's design team created wireframes and visual concepts that aligned with Hall & Hart's branding, incorporating contemporary design elements, intuitive navigation, and interactive features. Design Iteration: Through iterative design feedback loops with Hall & Hart, Swancircle refined the website's visual identity, ensuring it reflected the desired brand image while maintaining an optimal user experience. Development & Integration: The development team at Swancircle implemented the approved design using HubSpot's CMS, integrating custom modules for property search, project showcases, and contact forms.
Custom Floor Plan
Custom Slider
Custom Video
Unique Headers
Dynamic Modules
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Interchangeable Layout
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The collaboration between Swancircle and Hall & Hart resulted in a cutting-edge HubSpot website that surpassed expectations. The key achievements of the project were as follows:

Stunning Visual Appeal: Swancircle successfully integrated Hall & Hart's new branding guidelines into a visually striking website design, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and high-quality design.

Enhanced User Experience: Through custom modules and intuitive navigation